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Chip, once again as I headed into the woods for another spring turkey hunt I asked myself, “What would Chip do today?” As you know, it has been many years since you took me out when I first started to turkey hunt. This year as I set up and started calling

in the woods was no exception to that same question. The stakes were higher this year however as this was the first hunt in which I could bag two turkeys.

Once again, your blend of basic and advanced strategies lead to my success, with two shots and two birds at the same time. You, my friend, are the real deal and it is easy to see why it is not just a job for you. It is truly your passion. My wife tells me I have to stop spending so much time in the woods wondering what you would do, but more time at home doing chores and wondering what she would do if I don’t get them done. I cannot think of any Maine Guide that I would recommend higher than yourself, not to mention that you are an all around great guy and a blast to hunt with.”


I have successfully hunted large white tailed deer, beautiful black bears, pheasants, rabbits and grouse with hounds and the wily coyote for over 40 years. I have taken many animals I would consider trophies. So when I was invited on a wild turkey hunt in Maine my first thought was: “How hard can it be to kill a stupid turkey?” But I love to hunt so off I went to hunt turkey with the Northeast Wilderness Outfitters.

I not only had never hunted for turkey but I had also never been on a guided hunt: but I was in for a hunting adventure second to none! In a word…this is a ‘Professional’ outfitter that truly goes over and above to insure the hunter has a great time and provide an opportunity to fill your tag. The guides know their quarry, do their pre scouting homework and truly love what they do. They are hunters as well as guides and they use their experience to put the hunter in the best possible setting to get a shot at a trophy turkey.

I was placed with a guide, Tim, who worked hard to give me an opportunity to arrow my first turkey.  His hard work and pre scouting gave me many opportunities but in the end I came up short with the bow: but connected with a double on Jakes with the shotgun.

Hunting turkeys is not a sport for the lazy or impatient. They are an amazing quarry with sharp eyes and an ability to seemingly disappear in a moment.  The value of a great guide and professional outfitter cannot be overstated: and Northeast Wilderness Outfitters provides both in an environment of true sportsmanship and friendly camaraderie.  I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to return and join this outfit for another great hunt soon! Thank you Lowell, Tim and all the guides for an experience I won’t soon forget!”

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