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Moose Hunting

The Call of a Trophy Bull

Imagine a brisk fall morning. All is quiet except for the sound of your Maine guides moose hunting call ringing out over the frosty hills. Away in the distance you hear the return call of a trophy bull. Several minutes later, out of the thicket steps the largest moose you’ve ever seen! Your heart starts racing, adrenaline flowing, you take a deep breath, steady your rifle with the moose in the sights, an almost impossible task because of your excitement. The moose steps into the perfect position and you slowly squeeze the trigger...


The Way Hunting Should Be

Come and experience a traditional Maine moose hunt with Northeast Wilderness Outfitters. We specialize in traditional moose hunts in the Scenic Western Mountains of Maine. Moose hunting is an exhilarating sport and you will be pleased while hunting moose with Northeast Wilderness Outfitters. Whether calling, spot and stalk, or still hunting, we do it all. With the large amount of wood cuttings in the Western Mountains of Maine moose are plentiful and respond well to calls. You and your sub-permittee will be with one of our experienced guides throughout your hunt who will ensure that you enjoy the hunt as well as the fabulous scenery that is the Rangeley Lakes Region.


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Permit holder and Sub-Permittee

All big game hunts are 6 days, 7 night stay with food unless otherwise noted. We can adjust the length of the stay for any hunt to accommodate the hunters and can do some special pricing for limited stay hunts. Contact us for more information.


All meals are prepared family-style and homemade at the camp. Comfortable and clean accommodations are provided with indoor plumbing.

Transportation for all Fully Guided Hunts from any point in Maine.

Skinning and Quartering of game included.

Meat cutting and Taxidermist services are available.

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