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We hunt wild turkey in the central Maine area where there is rolling farmland, hardwood ridges and open fields.



Imagine sitting in a stand, when you see a black shadow working toward you. Your heart begins to pound, you are about to take a fabulous Maine Black Bear.



Imagine the cool water of a beautiful Maine stream pushing against your waders as your guide points to the lair of a large brook trout or salmon.



Whitetail deer hunting in Maine can be a challenging sport. With the vast forests and large tracts of land the deer are truly wild.



Imagine a brisk fall morning. All is quiet except for the sound of your Maine guides moose hunting call ringing out over the frosty hills. Away in the distance you hear the return call of a trophy bull.

Upland Game


With the vast amount of wood roads and woodcuts in the Rangeley Lakes Region, prime grouse and woodcock habitat abound.

Skilled & Experienced Guides

Northeast Wilderness Outfitters offers guided Maine black bear hunting, moose, turkey, snowshoe hare, trophy whitetail deer and upland game bird hunts. Seasoned hunter or newcomer, we will provide you with a skilled and experienced guide and an expertly guided hunt. Traditional Maine black bear hunting over bait is an experience you will not soon forget.


Dedicated to Your Success

The Registered Maine guide is as much a tradition as it is a professional designation. At Northeast Wilderness Outfitters we do most of our guiding one to one with our guests. This sets us apart from many other guide services and is in keeping with the best of Maine guide tradition. By operating in this fashion, each guide fully dedicates his attention to ensuring your safety, enjoyment and success in the field.


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