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Black Bear

Black Bear Specialists

Northeast Wilderness Outfitters specializes in Maine black bear hunting. Our bear hunts are with the use of bait. We only take a limited number of hunters per week. Our stands are set up to accommodate you with whatever weapon you choose to hunt. We have tree stands or ground blinds set up for you to hunt from, or you may bring your own. We plan on at least 2 bait sites per hunter and we utilize trail cameras on the bait sites prior to your arrival to determine what sites are the most active. Bear sizes average 150 lbs, although we have shot many over 300 lbs. Meals, lodging, transportation to and from your bait site and skinning and quartering of your bear is included in the price of the hunt. There are no hidden fees.


Live the Adventure

Imagine sitting in a stand, the temperature is cool and it is beginning to get dark, the drone of mosquitoes is in your ears, when you see a black shadow working toward your bait site. Your heart begins to pound and you are sure the bear can hear it as loud as you can. The bear turns, offering the perfect broadside shot. You raise your weapon knowing you are about to take a fabulous Maine Black Bear. The way hunting should be. Maine offers the largest bear population in the Northeast, so come to the Western Mountains of Maine and enjoy great Fall Maine black bear hunting with Northeast Wilderness Outfitters.


Hound Hunting

At Northeast Wilderness Outfitters, we offer a variety of hound hunting experiences. Contact us today to discuss the trip that's right for you.


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Over Bait

With Meals & Lodging: $2795

With Dogs

With Meals & Lodging: $3795

All big game hunts are 6 days, 7 night stay with food unless otherwise noted. We can adjust the length of the stay for any hunt to accommodate the hunters and can do some special pricing for limited stay hunts. Contact us for more information.


All meals are prepared family-style and homemade at the camp. Comfortable and clean accommodations are provided with indoor plumbing.

Transportation for all Fully Guided Hunts from any point in Maine.

Skinning and Quartering of game included.

Meat cutting and Taxidermist services are available.

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